Enhance Your Image

Imagine having access to everything - bio cards, email messages, point-of-sale brochures, flyers and more - with your logo branding. The Brand ID provides a consistent look and feel, increasing awareness and positioning you more professionally, when you approach the client.

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Email Campaigns

You have access to a series of emails that are written to support and promote each concept within our library.

Direct Mail Letters

Direct mail letters are optional - you send them prior to or following an email campaign. You download the letter and print on your local printer.

Phone Scripts

As a veteran agent you realize the importance of being prepared. The phone script has been written to give you, a starting point to work with.

Identity Marketing Tools

A library of supporting identity-marketing tools is available for your use, including: Bio cards, personal brochures, fact finders, service questionnaires, recommendation worksheets, and more.

Concept Brochures

For each concept provided a point-of-sale brochure has been written to drive the sales process. They create awareness, provide disturbing information, discuss solutions, and have a call to action. You customize the brochure with your prospect or client name on the cover, download the file, and print on your local printer. If you prefer to have a high quality printed brochure this can be done through our printer service.